Idiots Already Misconstruing Ask a Mexican on YouTube!

Idiots Already Misconstruing Ask a Mexican on YouTube!

*Updated, with new material on the bottom...

My ¡Ask a Mexican! YouTube experiment is barely a month old, and some Know Nothings are already missing the point. Take the example of YouTube subscriber Aztlanbuster, who stole my YouTube clip regarding the Reconquista and relabeled it "MEXICANS WANT CANADA TOO." I thought it was Mexicans who were prone to stealing and piratería, Aztlanbuster—gracias for proving me wrong! And the lack of humor toward satire—are you majoring in Chicano Studies?

Not missing the point is Brook Young, proprietor of Immigration Watchdog and a guy who's so border enforcement-serious users must register to post comments on his site. Since I don't have papers to comment on his site, I'll use the open borders at Navel Gazing to extend my thanks to Brook for his plug today titled "Brown Supremacist Gustavo Arellano Shows His Ugly Face On YouTube." Dunno where you got the brown supremacist thing from—I was fighting your raison d'etres over at La Voz de Aztlan and the Mexica Movement before Lou Dobbs knew what a La Raza was, although I won't dispute your description of my mug. But wasn't it Thoreau who said those who sport soul patches shouldn't throw ugly charges? Congrats, by the way, on making the Southern Poverty Law Center's latest Nativist watch alongside our very own Wiley Drake. And buena suerte (Aztlanista for "good luck") with your fight against Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist!

**UPDATE: The MySpace page Exposing Justice--devoted to exposing "criminal illegal aliens" and definitely not Raza--weighs in.


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