Huntington Beach Bike Thief Meets Karma: Video

Push play on the actual PD Facebook page.
Push play on the actual PD Facebook page.
Facebook/Huntington Beach Police Department

You can go to the Huntington Beach Police Department Facebook page to see the video end of "Bike Thief Meets Karma"--sorry, can't embed it here--but it's pretty anti-climactic once you know what you're seeing.

"Last night around 11:50 p.m., a man left his bike unsecured outside of BJs restaurant at Main St and Walnut Ave while he went inside to pick up his food," reads the description posted about an hour ago. "An intoxicated male suspect took the bike and rode off with it.

"The suspect made it a short distance (across the street) when he lost control of the bike, hit a cement trashcan, fell to the ground and knocked out some of his teeth. The suspect was located by officers and taken to a hospital for his injuries. The bike was returned to the victim."

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* The entire incident was recorded. * The video was set to Benny Hill music.

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