Hugh Hewitt is a Hypocrite

The godfather of blogs trashes what he calls the MSM (mainstream media--essentially, anyone who doesn't toe the Republican line) every chance he gets. But in a post today on his blog, Hewitt reveals he's an investor in The News Right Now, a news aggregator, and calls it a "very wise move."  Here's the funny, hypocritical thing: of the 12 news sources, 11 are the websites of daily papers, and only two of them (the Moonie-controlled Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal are not part of Hewitt's hated MSM. The only non-daily paper link is to Real Clear Politics, itself an aggregator of daily newspaper articles (along with a couple of original conservative authors). Hey Hugh: better pray that the MSM's declining circulation bumps up lest your investment go sour, ¿qué no?


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