Hidden Cash-Grab Fever Comes to Orange County

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Taylor Hamby/OC Weekly

The worldwide phenomenon known as Hidden Cash brought a frenzied hunt for free money in the ground unseen in California since the 1850's (or, you know, since last night's money drop in Whitter) to Orange County Friday. Hundreds of modern-day prospectors flocked to the sands of Huntington Beach in search of 30 magical Pez candy dispensers filled with $50 bills, and two Pez box sets with $100. Hidden Cash tweeted out clues to the location of the said dispensers starting at 9 a.m.

Figure it out yet? That would be at the intersection of 9th and PCH. A few hundred hopefuls stopped by trying to land a quick 50-spot or two. Adults and children alike dropped to their knees and dug through the sand, shuffled their feet while praying to kick up a plastic Iron Man or Yoda, and rustled through the bushes.

Hidden Cash is a self-described "anonymous social experience for good." While not everyone leaves with money, everyone has the opportunity to leave richer in experience (that's the same line we feed our interns, too). We heard all of life's great questions being asked while at the cash drop today, like "What's going on here?"

Take, for example, this exchange we heard between a presumed mother and son:

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"So was this what you expected?" the woman asked. "No," said the young boy, somewhat solemnly. "It's hard work, isn't it?" she said. "Yeah," he replied. "I don't know what you expected..."

Right before our eyes, the elementary school-age boy learned a lesson in life's disappointments and working hard for your money...or something.

Insert some biting social commentary about destruction of nature for man's pursuit of money here.
Insert some biting social commentary about destruction of nature for man's pursuit of money here.
Taylor Hamby/OC Weekly

A young man in his twenties philosophized aloud, "So all these plants get to die over 50 fuckin' bucks?" Get outta the way, hippie.

Those lucky enough to find the free money tweeted pictures of themselves, taunting us suckers who didn't. It's probably just as well we didn't find any money--everyone knows us Weeklings woulda just spent it on pot and hookers escorts anyway.

As your humble reporter trekked back to her car, defeated and bitter, two enterprising young men were seen on PCH working hard for their money, the good, old-fashioned way before the Internet turned us all into a bunch of greedy, lazy freeloaders, and it made us smile for the future of our country. They were walking while doggedly trying to remove that sliver crap off a few scratch-off lotto tickets.

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