Jewish Journal Columnist">
Heather Dubrow, reinforcing a Jewish stereotype by talking with her hands. (Or is that Italians?)
Heather Dubrow, reinforcing a Jewish stereotype by talking with her hands. (Or is that Italians?)

Heather Dubrow of Real Housewives "is a Bad Reality TV Jew:" Jewish Journal Columnist

A columnist for a Jewish site says Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Heather Dubrow "is a bad reality TV Jew."

First, some warnings. Ilana Angel, who writes two blogs for (Keeping the Faith, which is about her "worldview as a single Jewish mother," and Keeping It Real, which "is all about reality television"), is admittedly not only over Real Housewives of Orange County, she's over Real Housewives of Anywhere. The format has, in her mind, been played out.

Meanwhile, she admits at the top of her takedown "The Slow Death of the Real Housewives of Orange County" that, "Tonight's typos are brought to you by Jose Cuervo."

Dubrow, for those who do not watch, is ... imagine this! ... a brunette. Age 45. Originally from the Bronx. Used to be known as Heather Paige Kent when she was a television actress (something she returned to recently). Changed her name upon marrying Newport Beach plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow, the brother of Quiet Riot's late singer Kevin DuBrow.

Take it away, Ms. Angel ...

We start this week with Heather and Vicki getting together for a scripted cup of tea in a restaurant where they are the only two people. Whatever. They are talking crap about Tamra, which is shady. Vicki tells Heather she acts better than them and Heather asks if she has ever talked about her wealth and what she has. Really? It is all she talks about. Heather is an elitist and it is unattractive. She is a bad reality TV Jew. She is whining about Tamra and I am pouring my first margarita to get through.

Yes, but is she a worse reality TV Jew than "Bibi?"

BTW, Angel also includes a "sidebar:"

... Heather tweeted me last night trying to be cute with a little happy face, but when I asked her to do an interview with me here at, she went silent. She is not appealing, a bad representation of Jewish women, and apparently too scared to talk to me. She clearly is not interested in keeping it real because that is what I do here. She is lame but I am totally going to watch her busband's new show. Her loss, My interviews are fabulous.

I left in the typos in honor of Mr. Cuervo, but you get the point.

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