This is actually Heaven's twin but she pretty much looks like this.
This is actually Heaven's twin but she pretty much looks like this.
Courtesy of Dawn

Have You Seen Heaven? Signs Indicate Santa Monica Cat is Being Held in Orange County

What would you do if your cat got out, a microchip informed it was many miles away, contact came from someone a county away, you were told the finder may not give the feline back and police were reluctant to help?

In the case of Santa Monica's Dawn, who believes her cat Heaven is being held by someone named Anna in Orange County, she is turning to the public for assistance.

Dawn says her spayed female, indoor-only calico with green eyes went missing on Aug. 2. Her microchip alert went off on Oct. 26, stating that the cat had been found by someone named Brenda with a Mission Viejo telephone number.

But the phone number Dawn says she was emailed was invalid. Dawn contacted the microchip company Found Animals to have the number double-checked, and that was the contact information they had.

Dawn next spent a day contacting Orange County animal hospitals, shelters, clinics, veterinarians and animal control agencies to see if they had scanned Heaven. That same evening, she received a cryptic call from someone named Anna with a restricted phone number.

Anna wanted to know if Dawn was Heaven's owner, and when the answer came back yes, "She then started to berate me on how my cat was found so far away ... She was soo sick ... How could this have happened? ... She is scared and skittish around people," said the caller, who claimed to be "intervening" for the family that now had the cat.

Dawn said she told the caller she was Heaven's owner, that she wanted her cat back and that if the feline was not returned it would constitute property theft. That apparently fell on deaf ears.

The Santa Monica Police Department was contacted, according to Dawn, but she says they were reluctant to help and suggested she hire a private investigator. Dawn says she does not have the $100 per hour to hire a P.I.

"I really need the public's help," Dawn says. "Someone knows were she is."

She asks anyone who can help to call her at (310) 850-8329 or email her at

"I just want my Heaven back safe and sound," Dawn says.

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