Gingrich: Deluded about Mexis
Gingrich: Deluded about Mexis

Gustavo on PBS, Arguing Why Mexicans Will Never Vote Republican!

Ain't it hilarious how the lamestream media is all surprised how that serial adulterer Newt Gingrich is all Aztlanista now? Anyone who follows politics knows Newt has been trying to get Mexis to go GOP for well over a year now, involving himself with similar-minded think tanks. And ain't it hilarious how Gingrich (and the Lincoln Club, for that matter) actually thinks they can be successful?

Of course it'll never happen--not just because of their hair-brained staggered amnesties, but because the rest of the Republican Party can't stop railing about wabs. That's what I've been arguing for years, and I'll get to propagandize on a national level tonight, on PBS's Need to Know program. You can wait until tonight at 8:30 p.m., on PBS SoCal Channel 50, or view it after the jump!
Here's the video. Excuse the panza...

Watch American Voices: Gustavo Arellano on the 2012 Latino vote on PBS. See more from NEED TO KNOW.


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