Which way to the government trough?
Which way to the government trough?
Miguel Vasconcellos

Gov. Jerry Brown Bought OC's Hillary Clinton Votes: Ex-Treasurer Chriss Street

Donald Trump says (or tweets) that illegal voters are the reason Hillary Clinton beat him by 2 million-plus votes in the popular election nationally.

But when it comes to more Orange Countians having voted Democrat for president for the first time since the 1936 election pitting Franklin D. Roosevelt against Alf Landon, a handful of businessfolk—and perhaps the relatively scant number of sheeple they employ—are to blame.

That's the thesis thrown out by Orange County's disgraced former treasurer Chriss W. Street. Writing for Breitbart, Street discounts the conventional wisdom that had gender and the county's changing demographics—represented mostly notably by college-educated women and minorities—tipping the scales for Clinton.

No, Street believes the cause was the "unusually large" 17 Orange County companies out of 103 statewide that received incentive deals from California Governor Jerry Brown's office in the run-up to the November election.

But first, Street makes a distinction between the Golden State's "Go-Biz" program and the $7 million deal Donald Trump and Governor/Vice President-elect Mike Pence put together to keep nearly 1,000 Carrier jobs in Indiana. Street suggests that was not, as Sarah Palin will tell you, crony capitalism.

(Nor does Street mention other Indiana programs like Workforce 2.1, Skills Enhancement Fund, Research Expense Tax Credit, Patent Income Tax Exemption, Industrial Recovery Tax Credit, Venture Capital Investment Tax Credit, Industrial Development Grant Fund, Research and Development Sale Tax Exemption, Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit, Motorsports Sales Tax Exemption, Hoosier Business Investment Tax Credit, Economic Development for a Growing Economy Tax Credit and the Hoosier Alternative Fuel Vehicle Manufacturer Tax Credit for businesses—let alone the IndyStar report from August that showed companies the Pence administration lavished with incentives like these still went on to move jobs out of Indiana to other countries, including Mexico and China.)

Back to Cali, Street claims Go-Biz "will squander a quarter of a billion dollars this year to add just a small number of high-paying, mostly white-collar jobs," and that it was these goodies that caused red Orange County to turn blue this past November.

Now, as your average Orange County voter, I can report that I had never heard of Go-Biz before not voting for Trump. But who knows? Maybe the registered voter owners/workers of OC's Cerner Corp., American Psychiatric Centers, Ambry Genetics, Glidewell Dental Ceramics, NCSoft, MicroVention, MX Holdings US, Electronic Waveform Lab, Pscore Inc. and Cohen Ventures—the Street-identified "big winners" from Go-Biz—accounted for the 102,813 vote gap here between Clinton and Trump.

Street—who served as Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector from December 2006 through March 2010, when he was driven out of office by a scandal produced by his previous role as trailer company's bankruptcy trustee—ends his Breitbart piece by noting Go-Biz workshops on the California Competes Tax Credit program are scheduled for Dec. 14 in Fullerton and Garden Grove and Dec. 15 in Mission Viejo.

Budding Orange County voters for Joe Biden or whoever the Democratic nominee is in 2020, you have your marching orders.


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