Getting Ready to Battle the Illegals

Tomorrow is May Day, celebrated by socialists across the globe and by illegal immigrants in the United States to march for amnesty (as an Aztlanista, I can tell you the shared dates ain't no coincidence, I tell ustedes what). Locally, pro-amnesty folks will meet at SanTana's Civic Center Plaza at 2 p.m., while the loyal opposition known as the California Coalition for Immigration Reform will protest outside the Mexican Consulate off Broadway and Civic Center Drive at eight in the morn.

Of course, a CCIR rally isn't a CCIR rally without a wacko ramble by their president, Barbara Coe (pictured). Rather than leave nasty commentary, I present it below in its unvarnished, Know Nothing brilliance:

Since we all know our mainstream media will NOT report the truth and WILL spin their reports in favor of the illegal alien criminals marching in our streets AND all first-hand reports are so appreciated, CCIR urges you all to practice "Safety First"! Film the marches and conduct interviews discreetly and say nothing that will incite violence toward you. Some of these "marchers" are violent criminals and with the march "hysteria" , will use any excuse to physically attack you. At least in the Los Angeles CA area, DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT count on local law enforcement personnel to protect you as LA Mayor Villar and LAPD Chief Bratton have made their commitment to protect "the rights" of the illegal aliens - they have made NO commitment to protect the rights of law-abiding Americans! o Work within a group or at least with a partner - o Have your cell phone on and ready to make a 911 call at all times. YOUR reports are invaluable but not at the cost of YOUR life - Be aware, take care and God bless and protect each & every PATRIOT who has the courage to record this illegal alien invasion event!


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