Farmer's Tan
Farmer's Tan

Get Farmer's Tan, Head to OC Film Fiesta

Farmer's Tan

The local film scene heats up this weekend with the San Clemente screening of a film about an Orange County high school student facing shame for taking his farmer's tan to school and the Santa Ana continuation of the OC Film Fiesta.

Brian Ivie is credited as the writer-director of Farmer's Tan, but he explains on the Flashbulb Entertainment "About the Movie" page that the $3,000 picture was a collaborative effort featuring 24 lead/supporting character and 97 extras/featured characters who were filmed at more than 25 different locations.

Get Farmer's Tan, Head to OC Film Fiesta

Zack Roman


Sarah McMenamy


Robbie Cox


Mikey Geragos


Colby Nordberg


Cindie Haynie


Joelle Adamson


Alex Phillip


Rachel Kennedy

are listed as the stars.

The 80-minute movie "examines the comedic paradox of a ghostly pale high school kid living in Orange County and how a 'farmer's tan' equates to some kind of scarlet letter on any person living in a beach town," say the makers.

It screens at 7:30 p.m. tonight and Saturday in San Clemente High School's Triton Center, 700 Avenida Pico, San Clemente. Tickets are $10 for adults, $7 for students. Musicians will play songs from the movie's soundtrack at 7 both nights.

Flashbulb dreams of submitting the flick to film festivals. Here's hoping it's even a fraction as good as San Clemente High grad Rian Johnson's teen detective noir Brick, parts of which he filmed on campus.

The OC Film Fiesta, which actually began Sept. 4 and continues through Sept. 19, this weekend presents an appearance by a legendary Xicana filmmaker, short films by up-and-coming directors and a classic film from Mexico's Golden Age.

And like any good weekend fiesta, it lasts into Monday night with a screening of Sandra Robbie's 2003 documentary For all the Children/Para Todos los Niños, which is about the landmark Mendez et al v. Westminster et al desegregation case.

This weekend's (and Monday) fiesta offerings follow:

A Crushing Love

, 7 tonight in Breath of Fire Theater, 310 W. 5th St., 2nd floor, Santa Ana. Legendary Xicana filmmaker

Sylvia Morales

is scheduled to answer audience questions after this sequel to her groundbreaking 1979 history of Chicana women,


. The sequel honors the achievements of labor organizer/civil rights leader

Dolores Huerta

, author/educator

Elizabeth "Betita" Martinez

, civil rights advocate

Alicia Escalante

and historian/writer

Martha Cotera

and writer/playwright/educator

Cherrie Moraga

, whose new play

Digging Up the Dirt

had its world premiere at Breath of Fire Theater.

Short Films, 3 p.m. Sunday at Calacas, 324 W. 4th St., Santa Ana. Featured are new works by up-and-coming directors (TBA). It's followed at 4 p.m. by Emilio Fernandez's Enamorada, a classic film from the Mexican Golden Age starring Maria Felix as an aristocrat who has a rocky relationship with an earthy revolutionary general (Pedro Armendariz). A potluck reception follows the screenings.

For all the Children/Para Todos los Niños,

7 p.m. Monday in Chapman University's Memorial Hall, Orange. Robbie's award winning documentary is screened, followed by a panel discussion and reception co-sponsored by Chapman and the Hispanic Bar Association. And it all will be preceded at 6:20 p.m. by a 20-minute civil rights "Peace of Orange" tour that includes the last standing Mexican school from OC's segregation era. Marchers will be greeted by mariachis on campus. The tour starts at the Orange Circle (Plaza Park).

Look for more OC Film Festival offerings on next week's Navel Gazing.


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