George Joseph England was unrepentant for his crimes to the end.
George Joseph England was unrepentant for his crimes to the end.
California Department of Corrections

George Joseph England, Poster Boy for Sick-Ass Serial Pedophiles, Dies in Prison (to Golf Claps)

George Joseph England, a serial child molester who spent 29 years as a fugitive before serving three consecutive life sentences, has died in prison, according to authorities. Not that anyone will muster a tear. Check out how my colleague R. Scott Moxley described the then-65-year-old in September 2009: "A convicted California serial pedophile who despises Jews, cops and African Americans and who forced a kindergarten-age girl he purchased in Vietnam to become a sex slave to not only himself but also his German shepherd and basset hound, both males, becomes eligible for parole in December." E to the ewwwww ...

Serial Pedophile Who Bought 5-Year-Old Vietnamese Sex Slave is Up For Parole Serial Child Molester Denied Parole, Could Be Free in 6 Months

The Quebec, Canada, native, U.S. Army veteran and self-proclaimed Christian managed to elude capture for sexually assaulting three girls in Costa Mesa in the mid-1970s until he was apprehended in Florida in 2006.

England remained unrepentant for his crimes while housed in Salinas Valley State Prison. Which explains why Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas was in no mood to entertain anything but opposition to the sick pup's parole.

"The only way to stop England is to keep him in prison away from young girls," T-Rack said at the time. "My district attorney's office will do everything in our legal arsenal to make sure he never again has access to little girls."

Score one for the legal arsenal.

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