Jaramillo & Carona: The good, ole days.....
Jaramillo & Carona: The good, ole days.....

George Jaramillo, Ex-Orange County Assistant Sheriff, Loses $50,000 Fine Appeal

Former Orange County Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo is once again a loser.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Jaramillo's contention that a $50,000 fine imposed during a corruption conviction by U.S. District Court Judge Andrew J. Guilford was vindictive.

Jaramillo served as second in command of the Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) during the soiled Sheriff Mike Carona regime that ended with Carona, Jaramillo and Don Haidl, a Rancho Cucamonga used car salesman who bought an assistant sheriff's job with bribes, all earning corruption convictions.

Jaramillo has already completed a state prison sentence and a federal prison sentence. Carona continues to serve his 66-month punishment in a Colorado federal prison. Haidl, who agreed to testify against Carona in exchange for no jail time, is dead.

In Jaramillo's case, Guilford made no secret of his opposition to the ex-assistant sheriff profiting in any way from criminal acts. Defense lawyers claimed that the judge acted unreasonably. But a three-judge federal appellate panel--Richard R. Clifton, Consuelo Maria Callahan and Arthur Lawrence Alarcon--wasn't impressed by the argument and noted Guilford followed sentencing rules.

Jaramillo signed a guilty plea for income tax evasion with federal prosecutors Brett Sagel and Ken Julian as well as investigating FBI and IRS criminal division agents.

The Carona/Jaramillo/Haidl era produced numerous revelations about the extent of corrupt inside the OCSD and, in particular, among the department's helicopter and plane units, which continue to operate government aircraft with no meaningful oversight.

Go HERE to read a key report on the Carona/Jaramillo years inside the OCSD.

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