Gentlemen, Start Your SUV Engines...

IT TURNS OUT THE FOLLOWING ITEM IS BASED ON A HOAX THAT BEGAN IN NEW JERSEY. SEE THIS. SO SPEED AWAY, SOUTH COUNTY DRIVERS! This just made the rounds in the OC Weekly e-mail-ery, not that all of us have lead foots here. Just most of us.

Consider yourselves warned:

California Highway Patrol will launch a 30-day speeding ticket frenzy in South Orange County starting January 25, 2006. The state estimates that 22 million dollars will be generated in speeding tickets. 3 million will go to pay California Highway Patrol officer overtime. There will be 90 California Highway Patrol officers on duty at all times patrolling the 7 freeways. They are the following: 73, 55, 133, 241, 57, 5, 605 freeways. Now 7 mph above the limit can justify a ticket and every California Highway Patrol officers is supposed to pull a car over and write a ticket every 10 minutes. They have issued 50 brand new unmarked Crown Victoria cruisers and they are bringing all their part timers on full time. If you live or work in South Orange County you must take one of their freeways. It's up to you how fast you are doing when they do. This is a test by the CHP to raise the extra funds for the State of California. The wealthy folks of South Orange County can afford this new tax.

See, the rich are just like you and me. Only they can afford to pay their speeding fines.


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