General Cannabis Buys

Weedmaps Media, Inc. a subsidiary of General Cannabis, the Newport Beach-based outfit that owns the world-famous marijuana dispensary and delivery service locating website, has purchased, a pot-related website and news forum. The company plans to revamp the website in January with "all new content" that will include "user-generated reviews, videos and community content," according to an Orange County Register story yesterday.

"Well established, premium top-level domains such as are easy to remember, rank highly in Google searches and attract thousands of visitors per day in type-in traffic alone," General Cannabis president Doug Francis stated in a press release quoted by the Register. "Premium domain names add credibility and build brand awareness in niche markets."

Perhaps because of its iconic domain name (rather than the quality of the content) boasts some 3.5 million website visits per month, the Register says, compared to Weedmaps' 2 million. The purchase appears to cement General Cannabis' nationwide domination of online marijuana-related consumer services, as illustrated by the fact that users will be able to register and log in to both websites with the same profile. You can read the Weekly's previous updates on the company's recent financial successes, which fly in the face of the bad news that seems to be throwing the medical cannabis industry and its publishing allies into doubt these days, here and here.


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