Please don't tell me the streak craze is back.
Please don't tell me the streak craze is back.

Garrett Smith's Naked Anaheim Romp May Have Produced the Most Amazing Video Ever

Yes, Garret Smith is accused of crimes and of mucking up Charles Barnes' minivan and of scaring the stuffing out of Clarisa Vidrio.

Still, after watching the amazing surveillance video in the news report after the jump, I totally want to go as the Riverside 21-year-old next Halloween.

The longer you watch that video, the better it gets. It's way more compelling than a stupid police chase.

Speaking of police, they caught up with Smith a few blocks from the Anaheim apartment complex parking area where he put on his bizarre show late Saturday night. He was taken to a hospital for treatment of wounds from that van smash-in, and police were ready to next slap him with assault charges.

Besides damaging Barnes' minivan, Smith is accused of charging the car of Vidrio, the driver who pulls a car out of the space next to the minivan and is later seen trying to shake off the naked man clinging to her hood.

"I was scared," she told KCBS. "I literally thought I was gonna die that day."

And imagine the shape of the indentation on her hood!

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