Future Physicians Arm Wrestle for Haiti

UC Irvine's chapter of Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) holds an arm-wrestling competition titled "Flex Your Muscles for Haiti" Saturday to raise money for the ongoing disaster relief efforts.

After hearing stories brought on by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake--along with numerous aftershocks--the recently launched local chapter of the internationally recognized PHR decided to organize a fundraiser to help raise money for the citizens of Haiti.

"By harnessing the natural competitive spirit that exists between members of the Greek system on campus, we stand to raise thousands of dollars for disaster relief efforts in Haiti," said Tommy Hand, the founder and president of PHR, whose membership is mostly drawn from the UCI School of Medicine.

To enter the competition, male and female students will register in teams of six and four, respectively. Each team pays a registration fee, which provides the bulk of proceeds for the fundraiser. Male competitors will be grouped according to weight--light, medium and heavy builds--while female competitors will be divided by height into "Petite" and "Regular" classes. Solo competitors and those students who are not in fraternities or sororities are encouraged to register. Registration is $15 for each man and $10 for each woman. To enter, contact Ignacio Velazquez at nachitl@gmail.com with your team members' names and contact information.

The PHR are hoping people from throughout the Orange County community will turn out to cheer everyone on from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday. A suggested donation of $5 will be sought from each spectator. Ground zero is the UCI Student Center, Pacific Ballroom D, 3900 Pereira Drive, Irvine.

Winners receive prizes donated from local businesses and, more importantly, bragging rights.


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