The ole fake mustache gag fails again
The ole fake mustache gag fails again

Fullerton Bank Robber's Face Gave Him Away As Guilty For Responding Cops

Just after 9 a.m. on April 30, a man wearing sunglasses, fake mustache, black gloves, hooded sweatshirt and holding a revolver entered the Farmers and Merchants Bank in Fullerton on North Harbor Boulevard and approached a teller.

"Give me hundreds," the bandit demanded. "Give me your money."

Leaving with nearly $2,500 in cash, the man entered a parking structure within the view of a witness who alerted responding Fullerton Police Department officers.

Gilbert James Granado was nonchalantly walking in the area with a huge clue on his face.

Granado didn't know that remnants of glue from the fake mustache remained on his upper lip.


The officers checked the man's backpack and found the loot, which included bait money.

They also recovered a toy gun and a hoody underneath a nearby parked vehicle.

Gilbert, who was born in 1980, quickly confessed, according to an FBI report.

He's being held without bail by the U.S. Marshal and is scheduled to appear with his public defender inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse on June 9 for an arraignment.

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