FTC Goes After OC Spammer Who Sent 5 Million Texts in 40 Days

Philip A. Flora of Huntington Beach is accused of blasting more than 5 million spam text messages in 40 days, pissing off throngs of cell-phone users who were charged fees to retrieve them.  

The Federal Trade Commission is pushing to shut down this Sir Spam-a-lot, asking a judge to freeze his assets and order a permanent injunction against him, the Los Angeles Times reports. Investigators say Flora sent out the unsolicited messages advertising a loan-modification website at a "mind-boggling" rate of 85 per minute.

The FTC charged that the texts, sent in 2009, violated the CAN-SPAM Act because there was no way for consumers to opt-out of future messages and that the site's address, loanmod-gov.net, made it seem like Flora was affiliated with a government agency.  

Hey, FTC: Go get him.


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