Bushala in action
Bushala in action

Friends for Fullerton's Future Blog Mysteriously Calls It Quits

We have long championed Friends for Fullerton's Future as the blog Orange County desperately needed: a no-holds-barred free-for-all that exposed dirty politicians, laughed at political hacks, and had a rollicking good time doing it. That's why we named them Best Blog two years in a row and crowned FFFF head Tony Bushala as OC's Best Gadfly last year.

And now, it's all over. Yesterday afternoon, Bushala pulled the plug.

"We will be setting the blog a sail for now,"

Bushala wrote

, "into the deepest oceans of the blogosphere. It will remain online as a testament to what we stood for and didn't stand for, to our principles or lack thereof, and to those principles which were worthy enough for a fight of our time, our knowledge and of our lives."

No other reason was given for the end of the blog; we're reaching out to Bushala for the story.

FFFF made international news by publishing a photo of what the Fullerton Police Department did to Kelly Thomas. It was Bushala's ceaseless reminders of the department's longstanding thuggery and constant mockery of the Fullerton political establishment, both Republican and Democrat, that earned him the enmity of the city's ruling class--and anyone who can do that deserves all the accolades of the world. Here's to hoping FFFF returns soon. . . .

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