Freeway Complex Fire Questions Answered Here!

Ladies and germs, allow Navel Gazing to field all your questions and concerns about ... You thought "the Freeway Complex Fire" was going to come next, didn't you? Because of the headline? Sorry, Navel Gazing don't know jack about Yorba Linda. But Linda Yorba? Oh, sure, she's had it coming since snack time in the third grade, when her rapid-fire delivery of Helen Keller jokes made milk shoot out of the noses of everyone at the lunch table. But Yorba Linda? Not so much.

Fortunately, the Orange County Fire Authority does have the answers and it has created a blog to converse with those desperately seeking them. And the agency has set a lofty goal for this first-ever blog: to read every question within a day and respond with an answer within one day.

"On this blog, we will provide basic facts about the fire and will share any new information that develops," explains Fire Chief Chip Prather. "More important, though, this is the place for you to ask the questions that are on your mind and have them answered. For example, if you do not understand some aspect of the way we fight fires in general or fought this fire in particular, this is the place to ask about it. If you have concerns about decisions made, tell us, and we'll do our best to explain."

Wondering where you local fire company was while your house burned? Now you know where to ask.


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