Frank Lauder Woods Accused of Assaulting Cop After Violent Scrap That Had Him Reaching for Gun

Frank Lauder Woods is lucky to be alive.

So is the Huntington Beach cop who took the suspected baddie down.

What began as a stolen vehicle report turned into a foot chase and altercation between Woods and the unidentified officer, who managed to cuff the suspect just as he was reaching for the waistband of his pants. Searching Woods afterward, the officer says he found a loaded semi-automatic handgun in the waistband. That wasn't all that was found.

You know how they say you should see the other guy? Here he is: Frank Lauder Woods.
You know how they say you should see the other guy? Here he is: Frank Lauder Woods.
Courtesy of Huntington Beach Police Dept.

The Huntington Beach Police Department Facebook page reports that just before 1:20 a.m. Wednesday, the officer who was driving near Center Drive and Huntington Village Lane saw a man driving a 1988 blue Toyota Camry in the area and decided to run a routine check. The Camry came up stolen from Midway City. After the Camry pulled into a Huntington Village Lane driveway, the driver got out and started running.

After calling for assistance, the officer gave chase on foot. This prompted the driver to turn around and try to tackle the cop. There was a brief struggle, and then the combatant took off running again. This led to another foot chase and an even more violent struggle.

That's when the man reached for his waistband as the officer managed to handcuff him. Besides the gun, the suspect was also alleged to be carrying narcotics presumed to be methamphetamine and heroin. A ski mask and bolt cutters were found in the stolen Camry.

Police identifed Woods, 34, of Santa Ana, as the driver. He was booked into Huntington Beach's jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, possession of controlled substances, carrying a loaded and concealed weapon, possession of a firearm while committing a felony, resisting a police officer and vehicle theft. 

His bail was increased to $100,000--that's right, increased. Turns out Woods was out on bail for other felony criminal charges at the time of his latest arrest, according to police.


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