Fox News Viewers Load Up on Randomness to San Berdoo Shooting

Fox News central casting
Fox News central casting
Flickr user Kristin Brenemen

What follows are mostly incongruous comments from Fox News viewers  following the San Berdoo shooting and aftermath as it unfolded. Read all comments over there, but here all the highlights:

Bobby Brown did it.

Shooters are gay.

Some of the victims were mentally ill. Previous Obama voters.

Trump says he saw "thousands and thousands" of Black Lives Matter people crowding into a black SUV after the San Bernadino shooting.

they did just film fear the walking dead there.....


The UK has just announced they will start bombing in Syria. WW3 is right around the corner.

Meanwhile zero mass shootings in Gun free Europe this week

I've sold 152 "Guns Welcome Here" signs in the last 2 hours.

Dear Shepherd Smith: Stop bashing the police and their not giving you a  scoop! Law enforcement is not like our current administration that gives away their every move and allows the guilty to change their plans.

They should have listened to BILL AND TED when they were on their excellent excellent to each other....

Smells like goat and garlic

San Bernardino is a sanctuary city.

Anything going on at the Staples Center this evening?


meh, just another day in America

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