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Donny's Dough is missing

FBI Seeks Man Who Allegedly Stole Billionaire's Tax Refund

Donald Bren, Orange County's richest man with at least $12 billion, doesn't part easily with money. Just ask some of the teenage children he's had out of wedlock. They've been forced to go to court to collect what amounts to a buck fifty in Bren's imperial world.

So Bren must be downright frantic because someone apparently stole his $1.4 million quarterly income tax refund check in February, deposited it in a Cerritos bank and, before Bren and the cops became wise, had withdrawn about $1.1 million. 

The FBI is now looking for the alleged imposter, who is pictured on the jump.

​Bren, owner of the

Irvine Company

, can sigh in relief after all. The

Orange County Business Journal

, which broke the missing check story, reports that Bren will collect his refund no matter what.  

No word on how the man obtained the Bren check: Unguarded mailbox? Poker game winnings? Perhaps this guy's name is Donald Bren too?

If you know this guy's identity, contact the feds:
Either this guy is a genius or an idiot.
Either this guy is a genius or an idiot.
Bank surveillance photo

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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