DeVore: Don't mess with Texas
DeVore: Don't mess with Texas

Ex-Orange County State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore Writes Book Celebrating Conservative Lone Star State Principles

Former Orange County Republican state Assemblyman Chuck DeVore has today published a new book--"The Texas Model: Prosperity in the Lone Star State and Lessons for America"--that compares Texas government policies with other large states.

Spoiler alert: Texas has a superior climate because its politicians enact laws centered on, as the book summary states, "low taxes, modest government and a lawsuit climate that allows entrepreneurship to flourish while encouraging job creation."

DeVore, a longtime Irvine resident who was a budget expert while serving in the state Assembly, moved to the Austin, Texas area in 2011 after an unsuccessful attempt to become the California Republican Party's U.S. Senate nominee in 2010.

Nowadays, he is Vice President for Communications and Senior Fellow for Fiscal Policy at the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation.

DeVore, a Department of Defense employee during the Ronald Reagan presidential administration, has also written a novel, "China Attacks."

[UPDATE 10:30 A.M.: DeVore tells me the book also should be available today on Kindle.]

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