Everybody Makes Mistakes

PhotobucketThe LA Times, respected newspaper read the world over, released a correction to a health story recently that has to be the most uncomfortable correction of all time. It read:

Adult orphans: An article in Monday's Health section that was part of a package on how people handle their parents' deaths focused on Larry Graber, a Santa Monica psychotherapist whose parents died within six months of each other in 2000. Although the article said Graber is an openly gay man, Graber is heterosexual. The reporter misunderstood the name of his partner and misinterpreted references in the conversation, and incorrectly assumed Graber to be gay.

The worst (or best) part about it is that the reporter writes that this guy challenged his parent's expectations in part by "living as an openly gay man." Ahem. An openly HETEROSEXUAL man, that is. Whoops!

Click to read the story in its entirety.


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