Don Papi Pulido: No wabs in my domain!
Don Papi Pulido: No wabs in my domain!

DWM (Driving While Mexican) in Santa Ana's Floral Park

This story's a hoot: I know a wab who bought into SanTana's ritzy Floral Park neighborhood last year--you know, the exclusive neighborhood that holds a segregated Halloween each year and was created specifically as a refuge for Whites. Made his money the legit way, involved in the community, wears his hair cropped but not shaved, and drives a rather-boring Chrysler that's not tricked out with spinning hubcaps or windshields stenciled with "MICHOACAN." Nice guy.

A couple of weeks ago, the wab is driving home when the SanTana Police Department begins tailing him. They follow him through Floral Park's winding streets, following him to his driveway, where they ask what's he doing driving around in Floral Park. Wab tells them he lives here; they don't believe him. They not only make him pull out a driver's license, they force him to dig through the glove compartment for further proof. Eventually, they leave, and the wab walked into his house, shaken.

A couple of Latinos live in Floral Park--I think I know all six of them, and that doesn't include SanTana Mayor Don Papi Pulido. Nice to know that SanTana's niños in blue are busy defending Floral Park from its wabby residents rather than cracking down on prostitution or taggers 'round Townsend, Standard, and McFadden, ¿qué no?


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