Dr. David Hung Do Loses Medical License After Examining Women Inappropriately

​A former Kaiser doctor who practiced in La Palma and Anaheim lost his medical license last week after giving female patients more services than they asked for.

Free boob fondle, anyone?   

Between 2006 and 2008, five women accused 40-year-old David Hung Do of touching them inappropriately during exams. Medical board documents conclude he engaged in sexual misconduct with three of them. 

According to the documents, when one woman came in for a pap smear, Do offered to do a breast exam, and then proceeded to rub his hand, "which seemed to be shaking" in "a circular motion and then back and forth" for "as much as a minute for each breast." When it was time for the pap smear, the woman felt a "twirling" motion at the front of her vagina (not a recognized medical technique). Then, as a medical assistant entered the room, Do announced, "We'll do your pap smear," put on gloves and conducted the pap smear.

In another case, a woman came in for itchy eyes and a prescription for a naseau patch. While listening to her heart with a stethoscope, Do put his hand on her breast over her T-shirt and bra and "held her breast and applied pressure," according to case documents. He did not explain how touching her breast was related to the examination. He later moved his hands below her shorts, and his "ungloved hand touched [her] clitoris."

And in a third incident, when a woman came in for an irregular pulse and mild knee pain, Do asked if he could perform a vaginal examination, though she was a virgin. The woman consented and during the exam, he asked her why she was a virgin.  

In 2008, Do was terminated by Kaiser, and arrested by police. Last September, he pleaded not guilty to four counts of sexual battery. A hearing is underway. 


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