The doctor is not in.
The doctor is not in.
Matt Coker

Dr. Brian Michael Swan Fails to Take Drug Tests so He Can't Practice Medicine

The California Medical Board has ordered a Santa Ana doctor to stop practicing medicine because he has failed to undergo drug testing.

Dr. Brian Michael Swan's license had been placed on probation after he pleaded guilty in 2013 to writing 22 prescriptions for Adderall in the names of ex-girlfriends for his own use.

One condition of probation Swan agreed to in 2014 was that he would refrain from using controlled substances and undergo regular drug tests.

The medical board indicates in the action dated Aug. 8 that it will now decide whether to revoke Swan's probation.

Swan, who had been diagnosed with adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and participated in several drug treatment programs, copped to six misdemeanors related to his illegal use of prescription drugs.


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