Douglas Taylor Explains How Encounter Aboard UFO Turned Him Into a Successful Artist

Douglas Taylor Explains How Encounter Aboard UFO Turned Him Into a Successful Artist

Can't remember from Close Encounters of the Third Kind which number gets assigned this kind of encounter: boarding a UFO and meeting alien beings in "a dream experience."

During a recent UFO conference, Huntington Beach artist Douglas Taylor shared with an audience how that happened to him.

Taylor turns up in Twentynine Palms correspondent Rebecca Unger's report for the Hi-Desert Star on the Contact in the Desert UFO Conference last Friday through Sunday, Aug. 9-11, at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

He was on a surfing trip in the Virgin Islands years ago when he says he was taken aboard a UFO and met these beings in a dream experience.

"When I came back, I had the desire to paint," Taylor reportedly said. "It was like getting plugged into a battery."

The "multi-talented" artist, author, lecturer, teacher and woodworker's UFO art page at goes into greater detail about the "incredible psychic encounter" in 1978 "inside a UFO and telepathically communicated with its extraterrestrial occupants!" (Note this is a close encounter of the third-person kind:)

On his return from this trip, he began having many strange and wonderful psychic experiences that profoundly changed his life. It seemed that a door was now opened to the next step in his spiritual progression. Douglas then began his first attempts at both writing and painting without having any previous creative or artistic background. However, his creative channel opened up and out flowed a profusion of paintings and writings. He sold 14 paintings at his very first art showing! Aided by a series of hundreds of beautiful communications in visions and dreams with extraterrestrial and celestial beings over the years, he continues to show his inspiration in his writing, painting and teaching.

Taylor reports he parlayed the E.T. experience into a successful career as an artist, writer and teacher, adding he is in demand for radio interviews, UFO and other metaphysical gatherings and, of course, art gallery shows. His "soul mate wife" Serena ( does astrological readings and joins him an many of these events.

Check out his site for the full alien experience, but as a little tease the next page has an image of one of his paintings ...

They come in peace ...
They come in peace ...
By Douglas Taylor

I knew Abba was from another planet!

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