Discovery Science Center Gets World Record-Breaking Bubble

Thank goodness nobody sneezed. 

Fan and Deni Yang, a father-son bubble-artist duo from China, burst the Guinness World Record today for cramming the most people in a single soap bubble. On an outdoor stage at Santa Ana's Discover Science Center, 151 people stood motionless as a clear, shimmery film encapsulated them.

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Discovery Science Center Gets World Record-Breaking Bubble
Discovery Science Center

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The actual record will only count 118 of those bodies as the remainder don't meet the 5-foot height requirement. The previous record of 94 was set in 2009 by Germany's Hammou Bensalah, aka "Mac Donaldi King of Bubbles."

This record-breaking feat kicks off Bubblefest XV, a three-week long bubble extravaganza at the Discovery Science Center, featuring the Mega Bubble Show, a BubbleBusters stage show, and nifty bubble exhibits for kids and families.

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