Nathan Apffel in his Lost Prophets work clothes.
Nathan Apffel in his Lost Prophets work clothes.
Photo by Jennie Warren

Director's Own Words: Nathan Apffel of "Lost Prophets--Search for the Collective"

"We were in Australia shooting the Dave Rastovich and Chris Del Moro story in the film. We had almost a month worth of shooting and traveling with them--it was a journey of a lifetime. We were invited to go up to this beautiful getaway retreat where couples could go and 're-connect' through yoga, meditation, etc. The retreat was closed, but the owners invited us. I only knew about six of the 16 people who were crammed into a small Jacuzzi. None of us had trunks, mind you. Next to the Jacuzzi was a beautiful pool lit with all sorts of colorful lights. There was no diving board, instead a 10-foot high rock formation that you could dive off of. At the top of the rock formation sat a glorious wooden Buddha statue, about 5 feet tall. People began to climb the rocks so they could dive into the deep colorful pool. The only downside was that the last step to the top of the rock formation was about a 3-foot vertical step, so people were grabbing onto the Buddha statue to pull themselves up. Chris Del Moro grabbed the Buddha head to hoist himself up. Needless to say, we all heard a giant 'crack, pop, crack.' We turn around in the Jacuzzi to see Chris in his birthday suit standing at the top of the rock pile holding the Buddha's head in his hands. He was so nervous. Luckily, the owner of the retreat was laughing. He said that he was waiting for someone to do that. We all went on the have a great night, but the next day we went to the retreat's website to find the homepage to be a photograph of that Buddha statue over the pool."

--Nathan Apffel, director of Lost Prophets--Search for the Collective, which follows eight surfers scattered all over the world.

Lost Prophets--Search for the Collective plays at 2:45 p.m. today.* Go here for ticket info.

*BONUS: The Advertising Department informs me that immediately after the screening, the Weekly and Kona Brewing host a happy hour in honor of Lost Prophets at Aloha Grill, 1749 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa. Be there or be an uku.


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