Marc Salomon jumps for his Camp Chuck director of photography Justin Ostensen.
Marc Salomon jumps for his Camp Chuck director of photography Justin Ostensen.
Photo by Jennie Warren

Director's Own Words: Marc Salomon of "Camp Chuck"

"One thing our executive producer Bob Hrobak loves to do while on location shooting in Texas is fish. And who wouldn't, with the convenicence of Chuck's personal lake not a stone's throw away from the riding track? And who doesn't love to mix business with pleasure? What Bob would do is either stockpile a few bass or fish one out of a bass rich pool neighboring any of the landing spots. I would say he got the whole process down to a few minutes by the end of the shoot. Then, he would calmly approach whoever happened to be the most diligently focused person at the time. He would approach with a keen and serious executive producer's concern and ask something very important and vaguely detailed like, 'Don't you think that a shorter lens would give you better visibility from this spot?' Crew members would search akwardly through their pleasantries dictionary for diplomatic ways to answer his question, all the while trying to not break focus on the task at hand, whether that was actively mixing the six production microphones or keeping a 100mm lens in focus on a fast moving motorcycle. It was during this search for the right words that Bob would slip live fish into people's pockets, vests and even a purse or two. While it did ruin a few shots, it always garnered more then a few laughs."

--Marc Salomon, director of Camp Chuck, which was filmed at freestyle motocross rider and X-Games gold medalist Chuck Carothers' 60-acre compound in Houston, Texas.

Camp Chuck plays at 5:45 tonight at Regency South Coast Village Theatre in Santa Ana. Go here for ticket info.


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