Directors Own Words: Gwendolyn Oxenham of "Pelada"

"When I was lying to the Iranian government."

--Gwendolyn Oxenham, co-director of Pelada, in response to an audience question after Saturday's Newport Beach Film Festival screening about the scariest moment in making the documentary. She and life mate Luke Boughen, who also co-directed, play pick-up soccer games around the globe in the film. But hours before leaving Iran, government officials were threatening to seize the soccer footage due to a mysterious complaint. Though Oxenham never removed the scarf covering her head in the video above while playing soccer in Iran, she competed outdoors and with men--both forbidden under the repressive regime. The filmmakers managed to talk their way out of the country with the footage, and Ryan White--who also co-directed along with Rebekah Fergusson--said the Iranian people were among the friendliest they encountered on the year-long trip that also took them to South America, Europe, Africa, China and Israel.

Pelada repeats at 5:30 tonight at Edwards Island Cinemas. Go here for ticket info. The film is reviewed here.


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