Brownie: The Hour of No Power
Brownie: The Hour of No Power

Diocese of Orange Exploring Purchase of Crystal Cathedral, Just Like We Said A Month and a Half Ago

Remember how I wrote this May that insiders with the Catholic Diocese of Orange were trying to convince Bishop Tod D. Brown to buy the financially ailing Crystal Cathedral so that His Excellency wouldn't have to waste over $100 million on a new cathedral? Because it'd be cheaper and more affordable given Brownie has already paid out more than $100 million to the survivors of his perverted pedo-priests? The faithful laughed and laughed, as they always do? Well, guess who got proven correct today, and gets the last laugh as always on these matters?
Brownie's PR hacks put out a press release today that the Orange diocese "expresses interest" in maybe buying the Crystal Cathedral. "I have authorized our advisors to contact the appropriate parties in the proceedings to determine a possible course of action," he's quoted as stating. "If the Diocese of Orange can prevent the loss of this important Christian Ministry and what the Crystal Cathedral has represented to so many for so long - and meet its own priorities for a new cathedral, we have a duty to at least review the options."

BULLSHIT. The Christ Our Saviour Cathedral was dead from the start, ever since Brownie decided to side with pedophiles over survivors. The Orange diocese is entering an already crowded field that includes Chapman University and some rapacious developer. I say Brownie should have it--like the Schullers, he has a massive ego, loves to spend the money of the faithful on himself (personal chef from the Five Crowns? You know it!), and should've retired LONG ago. Heckuva job, Brownie--now, go get 'em!


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