Did the Ayres Hotel Costa Mesa Host Holocaust Deniers?

Every year, the Holocaust deniers over at the Newport Beach-based Institute for Historical Review organize a conference in Orange County in which they hear from some of the world's most notorious Jew bashers. The location is always a closely guarded secret for the obvious reasons--the IHR conference would be rightfully protested by any decent human being, and the hosting hotel would suffer a PR nightmare.

Folks, get your pickets ready. The Weekly has learned that the IHR used the facilities of the Ayres Hotel in Costa Mesa on June 14, when the group hosted notorious Holocaust denier David Irving (standing left in the picture alongside IHR director Mark Weber). The IHR's website merely states Irving "packed the hotel meeting room in southern California" without disclosing the location.

But in a June 13 email to supporters obtained by the Weekly, Irving revealed the location would be the Ayres. He even provided a map!

A worker with the Ayres Hotel Costa Mesa couldn't find proof that the IHR booked a conference at the hotel on June 14. However, Weekly intern Gray Beltran visited the location and confirmed that the hotel's conference rooms feature the same distinctive design as shown in the picture above.

This isn't the first time the Ayres chain has hosted controversial speakers. KFI-AM 640's John and Ken Show frequently books the hotel for their live appearances at different locations, and Save Our State has held fundraisers at the Ayres as well.


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