Crownover: Yo, are you stupid or did I stutter?
Crownover: Yo, are you stupid or did I stutter?

DEA Task Force Arrests 22-Year-Old Huntington Beach Woman For Drug Dealing

A 22-year-old Huntington Beach woman is in federal custody today after a confidential law enforcement informant with ties to the white power, criminal street gang Public Enemy Number 1 Death Squad (PEN1) tipped police about stashes of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine hidden at a residence.

Alexandria Lauren Crownover is scheduled to appear Nov. 25 for an arraignment inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse after members of a Drug Enforcement Task Force (DEA) arrested her this month.

According to a DEA report, the raid of Crownover's residence recovered 4.6 pounds of cocaine, 59 grams of heroin, 1,454 grams of meth as well as glass jars containing 72 grams of marijuana and 320 grams of hashish.

In an interview, Crownover allegedly told cops she'd tried unsuccessfully three times to sell the cocaine that had been "stepped on"--slang for diluting the narcotic with meaningless additives, according to the government's report.

The informant that squealed on Crownover has a lengthy, violent criminal record and was willing to share valuable information for several years with undercover Santa Ana Police Department detectives who are part of the DEA task force in exchange for favorable consideration in his/her own courthouse woes.

A prosecutor successfully argued that this defendant could be a flight risk prior to trial and a magistrate judge agreed to deny pre-trial bail.

A federal judge will be assigned to Crownover's case after the arraignment.

Subservient to the Aryan Brotherhood, PEN1 is an Orange County-born gang whose members espouse pro-Nazi beliefs about white superiority, commit murders, assaults, burglaries and identity thefts, and consumes large quantities of methamphetamine.

PEN1 has its priorities, however. Its racist ideology doesn't trump getting high. (Sorry, Adolf Hitler.) They'll gladly befriend African Americans and Mexicans in control of sturdy drug pipelines.

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