Dax Gallery Opening This Saturday

Gregory Siff, "I'm In"
Gregory Siff, "I'm In"
Aimee Murillo / OC Weekly

"I've found that for the last thirty-two years of my life, I've always done things right up until the very last minute. I don't think I'm going to change that, it makes things more exciting."

Right off Bristol Street behind The Lab and The Camp sits Dax Gallery, where co-founder Chris Kane oversees the installation of its very first art show on a late Thursday night. Among friends and art handlers, fellow owner Alex Amador attends to other business nearby while Kane gives me a tour of the progress the gallery has undergone since my last visit, three days ago. And it's come a long way since then.

Kane and Amador aren't pulling any stops for Dax Gallery's premier. Nestled away in an industrial street off the SoBeCa district, Dax has already culled a promising array of artwork from renowned and underground artists delving in painting, sculpture and even taxidermy. The show is called "For Love of Dreams: Romancing Evolution" and it opens in all its completed, polished glory on Saturday night at 6 p.m. For those who can't get enough of the street art-high art connection, this show is for you.

Peter Gronquist, "Himalayan Tehr"
Peter Gronquist, "Himalayan Tehr"
Aimee Murillo / OC Weekly

Amador, the avid art collector and aficionado, and Kane, the art management eye, made a connection through their mutual love of street art; through their connections to many urban artists the two were able to begin to make their dreams of owning an art gallery come true. And while they're right on the cusp of a debut, they've already got their future planned out.

"We'll have a new show every month, which will feature world-renowned artists, and an adjoining room for a local artists showcase. We also want to work with kids and other members of the community to give back... one of the key things we're concerned about doing is connecting with charity groups and locals here, as well as other local artists in Orange County," Kane says.

While I haven't heard of every (or any) of the renowned artists featured in this show, it's definitely worth a look, especially if one of the exhibiting artists was name-dropped by a Banksy enthusiast's Instagram account.

Currently, Dax Gallery is so underground, it doesn't even have a Facebook or website (which should win cool points for the hipster crowd) but you can find the details of the show on their Instagram- and follow them too! See you there!

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