David Gardner's Last, Tragic Police Confrontation

David Gardner apparently could not take it anymore. Cited several times over the past decade for sleeping in his 1990 Honda, the 50-year-old was popped in February for providing false evidence of vehicle registration to police. Costa Mesa cops have been looking for him since May, not only because of an outstanding warrant from the misdemeanor but over threats he made to kill himself in Fairview Park.

The search ended Monday.

According to a Costa Mesa Police Department statement, an officer saw Gardner sitting in the driver's seat of his car parked in the 2500 block of Placentia Avenue, ran the plates and discovered the warrant.

As the suspect was being detained, he lunged into the passenger's side of his Honda and grabbed a handgun, prompting the officer to fire once into the car, police say.

There were at least two shots, as the statement maintains that the officer's shot did not hit Gardner but one the suspect fired at himself did--in fatal fashion.

You might say David Gardner finally got his wish.


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