Daniel Vidal Santana's Path to Prison Began by Admiring Lap Dance Given to His Buddy

Here's a case we've followed but could not get to last week: Daniel Vidal Santana, who pleaded guilty in September to pulling an early morning crime wave that included beating up a dancer he met at an Anaheim strip club, was sentenced Friday to 21 years and eight months in state prison.

The Stanton 26-year-old's path to the joint began shortly after midnight Nov. 11, 2010, as a stripper finished giving Santana's buddy a lap dance.

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Santana suggested that after the 34-year-old dancer's shift ended at Flamingo Showgirls, she meet him at a gas station. Upon arrival, she was escorted by Santana into a nearby alley, where he beat the shit out of her. He then drove her in her car to a second location, where he raped her.

As Santana later tried to check them into a Long Beach motel, the woman managed to alert the front-desk clerk that she had been assaulted. Santana then high-tailed it for her car and sped off. Police investigators followed the evidence trail to Santana's home, where a few days after the assault they found a pair of bloody shoes and the dancer's car keys.

Santana pleaded guilty to kidnapping, sexual assault and auto theft.

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