Dana Rohrabacher's Climate-Change Quotes Confound GOP and Play into Democrats' Hands

"If anything, [CO2] helps people's health by making plants grow and making more food available."

-Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach), a longtime climate-change denier, to Politico.

See why this has Democrats cheering and members of the Surfin' Congressman's own party shaking their heads after the jump ...

The White House recently unveiled a new climate plan, and congressional Democrats are spending the August recess pointing out the consequences of climate change within their districts. There is, for instance, the recent wildfires and droughts that harm everyone.

The official Republican counter punch is to acknowledge something is going on with the climate but that President Obama's strategy goes too far, threatening U.S. jobs and raising gas prices, which will hit every American in the wallet.

But, as Salon points out, climate deniers like Rohrabacher are allowing Democrats to sidestep serious debate on the official GOP position and instead focus on the party's loons.

Unlike the majority of Americans (and nearly every climate scientist in the world), these GOP foil hat models refuse to acknowledge man is causing extreme weather changes or, in some cases, that anything unusual is happening with the climate at all.

Keep making us proud, Dana!

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