The classic photos never die.
The classic photos never die.
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Dana Rohrabacher Says "Americans Have Always Been Hell-Raising People" (on Pot)

"Americans have always been hell-raising people."

-Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-That Little Mexican Spot by one of the Huntington Beach Trader Joe's That Sells the Righteous Nachos That Are Perfect After a Sesh of Blazing and Boarding)

Speaking at the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco last weekend, The Mouth That Rohrabachered was defending state rights when it comes to legalization, noting our nation’s founders never intended sanctioning a national police force "breaking into homes to retrieve a little baggy (of marijuana)."

Dana also smoked the federal stance claiming marijuana is a major gateway drug to more dangerous substances, countering, "Beer is the most significant gateway drug."

Pause for effect.

"And we’re not going to outlaw that.”

We'll drink to that.


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