Uncle Slammed: Be very afraid
Uncle Slammed: Be very afraid

Dana Rohrabacher Finds New Reason For Fear

Uncle Slammed: Be very afraid

Orange County's self-proclaimed surfin' congressman who doesn't surf but plops his substantial stomach on a boogie board to ride non-threatening waves has found a new boogeyman for America.

Yes, Dana Rohrabacher, the man who once assertively lobbied on behalf of the Taliban when it was harboring terrorist Osama bin Laden as he plotted events leading up to 9-11, says he's discovered a new reason to increase military spending.

No, it's not future planet-threatening asteroids this time.

In a column for National Review, Rohrabacher (R-Boeing) states: "Once we have freed ourselves from the mayhem of Iraq and Afghanistan, we may be shocked to find that our attention has been needed elsewhere . . . Burma."


Rohrabacher says the generals running Burma are seeking nuclear weapons and, though he provides no evidence to support his claim, he insists the threat is not theoretical.

In other words, we have another reason to further boost Pentagon spending during a period of recession and astronomical government debt.

This assertion might have more credibility if it didn't come from a chicken hawk who managed to skip Vietnam War duty when he was eligible to fight and who this year alone personally sought additional federal earmarks of $12.9 billion for Long Beach defense contractor Boeing.

Boeing and its well-compensated executives are major Rohrabacher campaign contributors.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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