Dana Rohrabacher Blames W For Wrecking Republican Party

The election's over and we have a confession to make.

Every two years we fret about the possibility of losing Dana Rohrabacher as an Orange County congressman.


Because Rohrabacher is a reliable news generator. Sure, he's a shameless manipulator of the media and prone to exhibit poor character traits. He can be petty, mean, deceitful and brazenly hypocritical. His ire is oddly often focused on the least powerful.

But the Huntington Beach Republican congressman also has a defiant streak that occasionally prompts him to aim at a well-deserved target: the political establishment. That happened today when he wrote on his Twitter account that former President George W. Bush is "not a class act, destroyed GOP, jailed [Border Patrol agents] Ramos & Compean, left us bailouts, gave more power to fed gov & China."

Cuckoo even when he's right.
Cuckoo even when he's right.

Later in the day, Rohrabacher suggested that Bush wouldn't be welcomed at the next Republican Party presidential nomination convention.

Then, minutes ago, he tweeted again, gloating about "making waves" in Washington.


All that we ask is that Southern California Democrats continue adhering to their game plan of never sending a credible candidate to oppose Rohrabacher, who is set to enter his 12th term in January.
--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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