Dana and Donald, Together at Last [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

For this week's Orange Feathers, cartoonist Bob Aul took on the disturbing reality that is Huntington Beach congressman Dana Rohrbacher becoming the OC politician with the most direct line to Donald Trump. Take it away, Bob!

Time to employ the political bed scenario, though in this case it's a revelation to practically nobody. It’s only that Dana's presence brings a comforting, nostalgic flavor burst of classic loony OC conservatism to the virulence of the alt-right. I have a hunch that in spite of how inexorably linked his entire being is to his politics, Dana might be kind of a fun guy to hang out with on other levels providing the personal chemistry was right, much like with a very good friend of mine. Other politicians would rather scarf corporate meat in the safety of home territory without getting their suits dirty, but Dana’s different. Almost three decades ago he grabbed the moment and went full Hemingway into Afghanistan to hang out with the mujahadin, something I've always found kind of admirable in an old-school adventurer’s way. Never mind that some of the groups he met and lauded on that trip, once they ousted the Soviets—his main interest in going there—set their sights on the US. It's the context of the times that matters. I mean, who would have guessed?

YIKES! Oh, and #fucktrump


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