Dad, Get Me Out of This

One of the ironies of George W. Bush being the leader of the Republican party, traditionally (and whorishly) the party of business, is that in his pre-political days, Bush was a miserable failure as a business man. What saved him from the poorhouse was that when he would drive a business into the ground, one of his Daddy's cronies (or someone hoping to curry favor with his Daddy and his cronies) would bail him out. Some things, it seems, never change.

Now, after driving the country into a disastrous war for phony reasons, and having generally made a miserable failure of his presidency, the prospect of being held accountable for his actions looms on the horizon. Of course, he will be held rather lightly-- we're talking about the Democrats controlling Congress, not Bush being dragged off to The Hague-- but still, it's a drastic change from the way Bush is used to doing business. So, true to form, he's turned to one of Daddy's cronies to bail him out. Out goes Rumsfeld, in comes Robert Gates, "a close friend of the Bush family, and particularly the first President Bush." The Philadelphia Daily News' Will Bunch puts Gates's appointment in perspective here, using only a title, one sentence and one image.

(If you don't recognize the title of this post, click here.)


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