Crystina Renee Bock
Crystina Renee Bock
Courtesy of OCDA

Crystina Renee Bock Pleads Guilty to Stealing $200,000 From Church

Clockwork in September brought you the case against Crystina Renee Bock, the former financial secretary at Compass Bible Church in Aliso Viejo then facing trial for stealing more than $200,000 from the weekly offerings made by CBC congregants.

The 34-year-old Ladera Ranch resident pleaded guilty to 62 felony counts of grand theft with sentencing enhancement and allegations for aggravated white collar crime exceeding $100,000 and losses over $100,000.

At Bock's May 7 sentencing at the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach, she is expected to receive five years in state prison and an order to pay more than $200,000 in restitution.

Considering the charges against Bock, she could have received 45 years and eight months in the klink.

The Orange County District Attorney Office's case against Bock follows after the jump . . .

Beginning June 1, 2005, Bock worked part-time as CBC's financial secretary and assisted with accounting for offerings and payments made to CBC by congregants. Bock prepared the church's deposits each week, updated the electronic financial records, and sent contribution statements to the congregants documenting their donations for tax purposes.

Between June 2005 and September 2008, Bock is accused of taking over 440 congregants' donation checks and depositing them into her personal account. Bock is accused of writing her personal account number on the back of CBC checks before making the deposits. The defendant is also accused of altering the church's financial records to make the contribution statements reflect the congregants' contributions for that year.

In September 2008, the church's financial supervisors contacted the Orange County Sheriff's Department after learning that a $1,000 donation check had been cashed but was not deposited into the CBC account, as recorded by Bock.


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