Crave Games Wants to Bowl You Over

There are those who say golf and bowling are not real sports, that they are more like skills, and they point to the least shapely purveyors of those pursuits as evidence to support their view.

If they feel that way about the physical games of golf and bowling, what does that say about the players of the virtual versions of those activities?

It's something to think about as Santa Ana-based Crave Games today ships its Brunswick® Pro Bowling video games out to stores.

Crave Games Wants to Bowl You Over

Brunswick Pro Bowling

, which fully support the PlayStation Move motion controller, lets players compete in one of six "highly detailed bowling environments," each with its own unique lane characteristics. Different game-play options are Exhibition, League Play, Tournament, a Spares Challenge and an online feature that allows players to join teams and compete in multiplayer matches against bowlers worldwide.

There's even a kid-friendly bumper bowling option like they used to have at the bowling alley--before they tore down all the bowling alleys. Ah, well, at least Brunswick Pro Bowling gives the real life Brunswick Bowling something to license, which probably explains one company official's giddiness.

"We are thrilled to partner with Crave Games to bring the authentic nature of the famous Brunswick Bowling lanes into the homes of the sport's biggest fans," Ron Addison, Brunswick's director of Product Management, says in a statement distributed by Crave. "The game provides the perfect social activity and quality entertainment experience to audiences of all skill levels."

The game even allows the bowlers on screen to be outfitted with authentic Brunswick shirts, shoes, bowling balls, and other equipment used by pro bowlers worldwide. Neat. But call me when I can outfit my bowler with a cool Earl Anthony flattop.


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