Costa Mesa Gangster With Forming Kaos Admits Guilt in Mexican Mafia Operation

Costa Mesa Gangster With Forming Kaos Admits Guilt in Mexican Mafia Operation

A massive law enforcement investigation into Forming Kaos (FK), a Costa Mesa-based criminal street gang tied to the Mexican Mafia, has won a guilty plea from Douglas Joseph Jackovich, AKA "Temper" and "DJ," according to federal court records in Orange County.

Hoping for leniency when he is sentenced later this month by U.S. District Court Judge James V. Selna, Jackovich admitted that he was a soldier in Cesar "Roach" Munguia's FK organized crime outfit, an international operation engaged in narcotics trafficking, murder, extortion and assault.

FBI agents--working with the Costa Mesa Police Department and Orange County Sheriff's Department deputies--nailed Jackovich, who was born in 1982, by recording a series of telephone conversations he had with Munguia about the distribution of as much as 150 grams of methamphetamine, according to law enforcement records.

Dozens of other defendants, including Munguia, await trial in Santa Ana's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse.

Jackovich is hoping his confession will win him a reduced federal prison sentence. One thing is certain. According to his plea deal, he can no longer receive food stamp assistance.

After massive 2011 raids designed to attack the Mexican Mafia and its subservient gangs in California, U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte declared, "No member of the Mexican Mafia and no gang member affiliated with the Mexican Mafia is beyond the reach of the law. We will bring gangsters to justice, whether they commit their crimes on our streets or in our prisons."

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