Corruption breeds bargains

Tired of the way your home looks? Think a 32 ft. long Oriental rug would spruce the place up? Then tomorrow is your lucky day, because tomorrow at 9 a.m., some of felonious ex-San Diego Congressman Duke Cunningham's ill-gotten gains will be auctioned off.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune:

The public can bid on his stained-glass doors, his wooden sleigh bed, his brown-and-white-marble vanity. They can bid on his brown lingerie cabinet, his washstand, his Oriental hallway rug that stretches a full 32 feet.

No mention of whether the Louis Phillipe period commode or the Restoration period commode, both of which Cunningham received as bribes (the man just likes commodes), are included among the approximately 30 items Cunningham won't be able to decorate his prison cell with.

Thursday's auction begins at 9 a.m. (with registration at 8 a.m.) at the EG&G Technical Services Warehouse, 2332 E. Pacifica Place in Rancho Dominguez. Anyone with a valid government-issued photo ID can bid.

Proceeds from the auction with be split between the IRS and the FBI.


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