Rumsfeld can't get any Code Pink love
Rumsfeld can't get any Code Pink love

Code Pink Protesters Disrupt Donald Rumsfeld Event at Richard Nixon Presidential Library: Video

Former Republican Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has his fans and his enemies--and then there are the energetic members of Code Pink, the self-described "women-initiated grassroots peace-and-social-justice movement working to end U.S.-funded wars and occupations."

Code Pink doesn't want Rumsfeld to forget that as an architect of the Iraq invasion to pursue Saddam Hussein after Osama bin Laden orchestrated the 9-11 terrorist attacks from Afghanistan, he promised the diversion into Iraq would last no more than "six weeks."

That monumental screw-up helps to fuel Code Pink members to chase Rumsfeld around the country when he makes public appearances, and last night in Yorba Linda was no different.

Code Pink members disrupted the event to sell Rummy's latest book, Rumsfeld's Rules, at the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library.

"The ends don't justify the means," one member yelled, winning hearty boos and a security escort out.

Another member followed up by shouting, "Rumsfeld lied; people died!"

That man, too, was booed, told to "shut up" and forced to leave, while a female videographer put a signature on the protest: "Code Pink! Code Pink! Code Pink!"

Here's a brief Youtube video of the protest:

And to show you the everlasting determination of Code Pink to hound Rumsfeld, here is a more intense May 2009 confrontation in Washington, D.C., at the White House Correspondents' Dinner:

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